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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I get paid?
    You will be able to cashout after you confirm your email address and meet the minimum payout of $5. Payment will be sent within 24 hours after cashing out.

  • How does the referral program work?
    You get paid 25% of what your referrals make. You also earn 25% from the amount of points your referrals earn. So if you have 10 referrals and each have earned $20 and 100 points, you would have earned $50 plus 250 points just from your referrals! This is a great way to increase your cash and point earnings by referring other members to PaidTopia!

  • Why were all or a few of the Paid to Click offers not credited?
    If you have completed any paid to click offers on other sites, then the advertiser will not give credit for completing the same paid to click offer(s) twice within a 24 hour time frame. Be sure to also delete your browser's cookies every time you have completed all of the paid to click offers for a better chance of them being credited by the advertiser.

  • I have questions not answered, what can I do?
    You can Contact Us and you will receive a response no later than 24 hours.